Walker – 101 Front street number 10 (08/30/2022)


Current Status In Progress
Type of remodel Detail
What is being altered? Facing the building. Right side garden.
How is it being altered? No alteration. Rather an improvement.
Alteration details The ground is quite uneven at the moment and must be evened/flattened so that the property is usable. The temporary astro turf covering must be replaced. As it would be impossible to properly maintain grass - Requesting permission to use a very high grade faux grass of 2 inch high blade. Even though this is not an approved item, I do believe that it will enhance the property. As a second choice, I would like to receive approval for brick, which is also not an approved item but 12 out of 26 units have bricks! If you approve brick - tell me what color you would like for me to use. Alternatively - please tell me what you would like me to use and if you can suggest someone to do the work. I am anxious to get it done asap. Thank you. N. W.