Sunset Marina Residences of Key West Condominiums – 5607 College Rd Unit 304D


Current Status In Progress
Location where work is needed 5607 College Rd Unit 304D
Description of the problem 1) Is the front of our door to our unit a common area element? If so, I wonder if it could please be repainted or are we responsible for it? It is very splotchy looking and a poor first impression of our home. 2) The ceiling light fixture in the elevator of our building is full of bugs/dust/dirt/who knows what else, and it's AWFUL to look at. Frankly, all the common areas in Building 4 (walkways/doors/walls) are either besotted with rust, look dirty, and give the very clear impression of being very unkempt. This is unacceptable and inappropriate for a condominium project of this quality. 3) Whenever it rains, there is a LAKE of water in the middle of this garage, pooling especially deeply directly behind our car in space 304. There is a drain almost right there, but it is not draining and the LAKE takes days to finally dissipate. I gave up walking through puddles when I was a kid, and don't like having to search for a shallow area so I can get to our car without soaking my footwear. Please inspect and clean this drain.