Key West Golf Club HOA – Backyard & Whistling Duck Ln


Current Status Complete
Location where work is needed Backyard & Whistling Duck Ln
Description of the problem Palm tree coconut removal. My husband has contacted Dot Palm several times to schedule a coconut removal from the two large trees in our backyard. No returned calls from Dot Palm. I did see that Dot Palm did come into our yard back in September but did not remove coconuts from palm trees. When my husband last called Dot Palm they instructed him to call our HOA for further assistance. I emailed our HOA office (Tracy) and was told that the HOA will not be doing any more palm tree service the rest of this year. This is very concerning because not only do we have palm trees full of coconuts but my entire street (Whistling Duck Ln) is full of palm trees that are dangerously full of coconuts. Scheduling tree services have been an ongoing issue here at the golf course the 6 years I've lived here. I would like to simply request we be put on the schedule when the rest of our street's palm trees get serviced. As you know we are in hurricane season and with high winds and heavy rain this is dangerous. I have tried calling the HOA office to express my concerns but no one answers the phone. I did leave Randy a voice mail today requesting a call back. In order to prevent issues like this from occurring in the future the HOA office should reach out to residents (via email) that have palm trees on their property and inquire as to whether or not they need services before scheduling Dot Palm to ensure everyone who needs services is scheduled. My family and I can not wait until next year to have this issue resolved, we have small children and animals in our home. If someone can please call me back to discuss further it would be greatly appreciated. I have several pictures of trees on our street that need to be serviced


October 25, 2021