henry – 143 Golf Club Drive (01/02/2021)


Current Status Complete
Type of remodel Detail
What is being altered? replace 5 single and 3 sets of double rotten non impact windows 4 over one with CGI Sentental impact windows 4 over one to match existing replace rotten trim with 5/4 x 4 haride trim replace approximately 10 bad pieces of hardie siding with new hardie siding to match repair/replace existing handrails to match Contractor for window install and all carpentry will be Pritchett Construction LLC (Ray Pritchett) 305-747-3955
How is it being altered? install CGI impact windows grid pattern will match the existing 4 over 1
Alteration details CGI Sentinel 110 series white in color to match existing colors 5/4x4 hardie trim


January 8, 2021 Approved in office