Frieary – 257 Golf Club Drive (10/28/2020)


Current Status Complete
Type of remodel Color, Detail
What is being altered? 1) Front Door 2) Privacy Panel
How is it being altered? 1) Front Door would like to request to change color to "steele blue" similar to house 221 2) Privacy Panel - would like to add similar to existing panel that conceals trash cans Note: Same Contractor who built current privacy panel would complete this work.
Alteration details 1) Front Door - paint from Sherwin Williams - steele blue color similar to house 221 (see attached pictures) 2) Move current "blind style" privacy panel to the front corner of the house; Add blind style privacy panel on driveway side to conceal trash cans, etc. to provide clean look from the street. See pictures attached of current panel in place and additional panel proposed similar to houses 287/289.


December 9, 2020 Approved by the ARC Committee