Edwards – 253 Golf Club Drive (04/15/2021)


Current Status Complete
Type of remodel Texture, Color, Detail
What is being altered? Side rails on back deck
How is it being altered? Replacing only side rails with privacy louvers
Alteration details We are trying to create some privacy for ourselves and our neighbors while being tasteful with our plans. We would like to install privacy louvers only on the sides of our back deck no taller than 8 feet. These louvers are identical to what was used at 257 Golf Club Drive. They are very attractive and made of wood, painted white and blend into and compliment the structure. We find it much more attractive than curtains and shades and think it adds valve to our home and is attractive to our neighbors. The work would be done by the same individual that competed the work at 257 GCD (Jurek, Jerzy Services). Please see photo attached..Thank you.


April 16, 2021 Will be submitting to the ARC Committee for approval. Next meeting is May 12, 2021.
April 21, 2021 Emailed owner to proceed with work. Approved